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Greetings and Salutations!


I'm the author of "Plague of Angels."


I believe in attempting to write material that's fresh, and inventive in an already crowded marketplace. I also really enjoy reading, when I'm not writing of course. And I'll read almost any kind of fiction as long as it contains an otherworldly twist.


I'm also not a whiny ass about reviews. Whether you're critical or complimentary, it's subjective, and it's your right to be such. I'm just honored that you would take the time to read my work. 


I'm also brand new to the site, so it's a bit of an adjustment for me. Bear with me as I figure out the site layout and such :)



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"Plague of Angels" Movie Potential--Kirkus Magazine May 15th Issue

So apparently Kirkus is putting together a list of novels that have movie potential, and "Plague of Angels" was selected to be on the list. And that honor was totally unrecompensed. Since this is my first novel, I'm pretty psyched. I learned a lot from the process of creating POA, and my writing has already improved. My marketing abilities, not so much-- because I suck at it, and I hate sucking up to the spam loving authors on social media. Gag.


Anyway, I think it's going be a great issue, so if anyone's even reading this (which I doubt) ha, I recommend checking it out. May 15th issue, and the online issue follows a week later.


I have also contracted a serious writing problem. I'm currently working on more than three novels at the same time, and I feel my sanity slipping away. Just a heads up...in case I post really weird blog messages. Kinda like this one.


Need Xanax.

Kirkus Review for Plague

Glad I made it through them unscathed. 





If you're signing up for my giveaway...

First off, thank you much for spending hours of your precious life reading something that I wrote. Second, I hope the hours spent are in the very least, entertaining.


If you choose to review it I swear by all that is holy (or unholy in this case ha) that I will not be a crybaby about it. You are entitled to your opinion, and I will ALWAYS respect that. In fact, the book is disgusting at times, sometimes (or a lot) vile, and it's going to elicit some strong reactions--and it's all these these things and more because I didn't write a fairytale about angels...I wrote a book about Dark Angels. They're not nice, they like to indulge, and they like to see people suffer (IMO anyway). Throw them into society, especially from 1 A.D. through the middle ages, and well...let's just say humans as a species are pretty fucked up too. Plus if you think the world is messed up now, it's cupcakes and lollipops in comparison to what it was. Scary I know.


So if you like the idea of history and brutal reality--with a Dark Angel protagonist, you should get a kick out of it. And hang in there with Nyx, she's not soooooo bad.


I also find the whole debate going on with authors wanting reviewers to post their real names ridiculous. Authors arguing with reviewers, whining, crying, etc. It's in poor taste, and weak. If you hate my book, it's really ok. Don't get anxiety over it, they're your feelings--express them. Someone that writes a book like this can handle it, in fact I expect it.


Oh and, thanks again!